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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Folding Hand Truck(1)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-14      Origin: Site


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When shopping for a folding hand truck, the first thing you’ll want to do is make a list of all the items you plan on moving. If you’ll only ever use it for personal items that weigh no more than 110 pounds or so, you don’t need anything heavy duty. But if you plan on moving heavy objects of about 500 pounds, then you’re looking at something completely different. Consider if it is for work or home, how often you plan on using it, and where and how you’ll use it—climbing stairs, inside only, outside only, or both.


What size hand truck you should buy depends on what you need to lift and move. If buying one for personal use to carry your suitcases on a trip or to move lighter objects around the house randomly throughout the year, you won’t need something with a 23-inch by 17-inch footplate that can carry heavy loads up to 750 pounds. A compact hand truck with a 15-inch by 11-inch platform that holds light loads up to 150 pounds will do.

Keep in mind that certain brands offer plate extensions if you end up needing to move something big and awkward. Other times you may just need to purchase a second-hand truck if you think you’ll need something bigger long-term to move larger items.

Frame Material

Folding hand trucks generally come in aluminum, steel, or a combination of the two.

Steel is inexpensive and durable and provides rust and corrosion protection. A steel frame hand truck is heavier than aluminium.

Aluminum is lighter than steel and offers better protection against corrosion. An aluminum frame hand truck is less durable than a steel frame.

Combination hand truck materials may include a steel frame and an aluminum nose plate.


Weight and Capacity

Think about the types of things you plan on moving and how much they weigh—this will give you the weight capacity you need to look for in a folding hand truck. Are you moving into a new home, and will you need to lift heavier items like large appliances? Some folding hand trucks convert from two wheels to four wheels, allowing you to carry heavier items. Do you own a small business, and will you need to receive boxes every week that you can’t quite move without a folding hand truck?

Folding hand trucks come with a capacity as low as 100 pounds and as high as 1,000 pounds. Depending on your needs, you should have no trouble finding one that can do the job.


You will have more control over a folding hand truck by pushing it versus pulling it. And because your body weight assists with the exertion, pushing takes less effort. Also, you risk the chance of the cart running into your shins, calves, or ankles when pulling.

Pushing a folding hand truck over curbs and other obstacles is almost impossible. In these cases, consider portable curb ramps to eliminate having to lift and pull. If you need to pull the folding hand truck over a curb or other object, take note of your posture and follow proper lifting procedures.


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