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How to choose the right outdoor camping trolley

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-09      Origin: Site


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Camping is the hottest thing in 2023 and on weekends and holidays many people take their families or friends to the beautiful seaside, woods and grasslands in the suburbs to relax and experience the charm of camping.

This is where camping equipment is essential, and one of the first things to consider is a camping trolley. So how do you choose from the wide range of camping carts on the market? Let me briefly explain the following aspects of camping trolleys: construction type, price, use scenario, experience and so on, to give you some reference in choosing a camping trolley.

1、Campervan construction type - priority for the gathering and storage type

There are two types of campervan construction, one is the folding type (that is, front and back folded together) and the other is the gathering type (gathered around to the middle). The advantage of the compact type is that it is more stable, can stand on its own and is small enough to save space.

2. Wheels - Prefer universal wheels

A good camper must be good to handle, pull up smoothly and turn easily. So this time try to choose universal wheels with bearings. My own experience is that a universal wheel is sufficient for the front two wheels.

As for the width of the wheels, you can choose according to your actual needs, if you go to the ordinary woods, grass, general beach, then the narrow wheels are enough. If you are on a budget and want to have a better and smoother experience, you can go for the wide trail wheels.

Whether the wheels need to bring brakes, nowadays many campers come with brakes, but if you don't go camping in harsh conditions, you can really use the brakes in fewer cases.

camping trolley heavy

3. Weight and capacity

Choose a campervan with a 100L capacity and 100kg load capacity as a base, and the bigger the better. For a family of three, you need to pack: a tent or a canopy, three chairs, a table, picnic mats, cutlery and pots and pans, drinks and beverages, various foodstuffs, etc. All this stuff alone can fill up your car, and often a lot more will pop up. So when conditions allow, go for the big one if you can in a camper, because later on you will buy more and more stuff. Trust me!

4. Do you need a matching egg roll table

Personally, I don't think a campervan with a matching egg roll table is very practical. On arrival at the campsite, the campervan more often than not acts as a storage basket, putting in storage bags for various tables and chairs, as well as messy stuff. It's not easy to rummage through things when paired with an egg roll table. If you put food on the omelet table, you can also end up with food and drink residues and liquids falling into the compartment due to the gaps in the omelet table, which is not easy to clean up.

The above is a combination of my own practical experience to give you advice on choosing a campervan, I hope it can help you.


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