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What are the components of an outdoor camping trolley?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-07      Origin: Site


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The components of a camping trolley

Camping trolleys are generally made up of four parts: traction, storage, load-bearing and mobility, but nowadays some accessories are slowly appearing such as: table boards, awnings, insulation bags, etc.


Nowadays, camping trolleys basically have a push-pull handle, and even a three-stage telescopic one. There is nothing to pay special attention to when selecting, as long as the quality of workmanship is not too much of a problem, the structure of this place is relatively stable.


This is actually the main body of the trolley that layer of fabric, here need to pay attention to the point on the line: camping trolley role is to pull items or loaded baby, so the degree of wear resistance of the fabric is very important, in addition to the use of wear-resistant fabric, single double layer will also affect the degree of wear resistance.

hand trolley

3. Load-bearing

Outdoor camping is often loaded with a lot of things, so the weight of the camping trolley should be more important than the capacity. So we need to focus on its load-bearing capacity. The way to focus on this is through the data listed by the merchant, such as "load-bearing capacity 100kg", because it is actually difficult to judge its strength from the structure alone, and it is the data that is reliable. Of course, most of the data from the merchants are in an ideal state, so when you see the data you have to make a discount in your mind, which is the safest way to go.


Camping trolley wheel this piece I also specifically googled for a long time, and later found that the bearings used in the market brand trolley seems to belong to the deep groove ball bearings, so in a sense unless the use of double row of bearings, otherwise the general situation is only to play is the role of forward and steering.


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