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  • [Security Matters] Reasons for correctly rated load ladders(2)


    If you are a slim and tough guy, weighing up to 80 kg, a 90kg rated step ladder is still fine if the work is light. But if the work is heavy with a lot of moving, and shaking, then the lowly rated step ladders is really not suitable and solid enough for you. The step ladder will be wobbly if you ins Read More
  • [Security Matters] Reasons for correctly rated load ladders(1)


    I am going to share with you how to really choose a step ladder that is suitable for your needs, so that you, don’t end up buying the wrong type of step ladders. Honestly, most step ladders would be suitable for your general use, and usually, we would suggest people to buy higher step ladder than lo Read More
  • [Security Matters] Top 5 safety hazards to look out for when working on roofs


    It is not always safe to work on the roof. It can be quite dangerous, but when you understand the top five safety hazards of the roof, you can work more safely.1. WeatherWorking in the wrong weather conditions can make the roof very unsafe. Ice, snow, rain and wind will make the roof slippery, makin Read More
  • [Security Matters] What ladder accidents are likely to occur when pruning trees?


    The main ladder accident happened so quickly that it seemed unexpected at first glance. Although abnormal accidents can and do occur, most ladder-related injuries are completely preventable.In some service industries, nearly half of ladder-related injuries are strains and sprains caused by operating Read More
  • [Security Matters] 7 rules to improve the safety of your ladder


    Ladder safety is one of the most important things when working at heights. If you want to work safely, you need to follow certain rules. Let's take a look at the seven main rules for improving the safety of ladders.1. Read the instructionsThe ladder comes with instructions, they are very important. Read More
  • [Security Matters] How to check the safety of your ladder


    Imagine yourself driving in a car and suddenly the brakes aren’t working, it would certainly be an unpleasant surprise. To avoid such situations cars are required to be regularly inspected by the authorities and most people also have their cars maintained by a mechanic on a regular basis. Similarly, Read More
  • [Security Matters] Which height ladder falls can cause fatal injuries


    Even with all safety measures taken, falling from a height is still the number one killer in the construction industry. Whether it is renting or buying scaffolding, it needs to be used safely.Obviously, the higher you climb, the greater the risk of falling. However, this kind of common-sense thinkin Read More
  • [Security Matters] Understand the dangers of attic stairs


    The attic stairs allow you to enter another area of the home. Almost everyone will use one of these ladders at some point.It is not uncommon to find built-in attic stairs in the attic hatches of modern homes. Some old houses have smaller attic hatches and may not have the same type of attic stairs.R Read More
  • [Security Matters] Is it safe to work at height alone?


    Using a telescopic ladder, scaffolding, or any other type of ladder to work alone at high places can be dangerous. It is best to be accompanied by other people to ensure safer work at heights.If you have no choice, there are steps you can take to ensure that you work safely at heights, even if you a Read More
  • [Security Matters] Height limits and fall protection measures for portable ladders


    Portable ladders are a great tool, but if used improperly, they can quickly become dangerous. If you don't understand the height limit of the ladder and fall protection, it can become a disaster. This is what you should know.Climbing stairs is a high-altitude operationIf you think you are working at Read More
  • [Security Matters] Beginner's guide: how to use a ladder safely


    Because stepladders are such a common tool, even in the home, it is often taken for granted that employees know how to properly use them. This is a dangerous assumption. Most people don’t thoroughly inspect their ladders at home and many wouldn’t know what to look for if they did. Many people tak Read More
  • [Shopping Guide] The best ladders for home use


    The right house inspection ladder will make your job easier. The house inspector needs a suitable ladder, because you may need to climb to the roof to check for hail damage, frayed waterproofing boards, and other damage, so you need a ladder to do this.Other areas inside and outside the house may al Read More
  • [Shopping Guide] The best ladders for electricians


    If working at heights is not worrying enough, then working at heights using electricity is even more worrying. The threat of electric shock is an occupational hazard for electricians, so it is wise to take as many precautions as possible.Metal and aluminum ladders are absolutely taboo; they react as Read More
  • [Shopping Guide] A guide to choosing the right working platform


    A work platform is a versatile tool that can be used for a varied range of tasks such as maintenance, painting, installation work and warehouse work.With a work platform you get a larger platform, better fall protection and higher stability than on a normal ladder. You are safer with fall protection Read More
  • [Shopping Guide] Tips for choosing the right ladder for your job


    Choosing the right ladder for your job is one of the most important decisions. Without a suitable ladder, you may end up using the ladder in an unsafe manner, resulting in falls and injuries. Therefore, always keep "safety first" in mind when making a choice.Ladder accidents are one of the main caus Read More
  • [Basic Information] Why do roofers prefer telescopic ladders?


    If you are the homeowner, it is normal for you to climb up the roof to repair the occasional cracks and other things that need to be repaired. When other people spend money to ask professionals to do the work for them, you may be the one who likes to do the work yourself. So, you will use a ladder t Read More
  • [Basic Information] Why choose a telescopic ladder?


    Of course, there are pros and cons to buying a telescopic ladder. One of the main advantages of choosing a telescopic ladder is its compact nature. It is easy to transport and store, and it will be very valuable if you often transport ladders and lack space. When choosing between a single ladder and Read More
  • [Basic Information] Inspection of ladders before use


    The right house inspection ladder will make your job easier. The house inspector needs a suitable ladder, because you may need to climb to the roof to check for hail damage, frayed waterproofing boards, and other damage, so you need a ladder to do this.Other areas inside and outside the house may al Read More
  • [Basic Information] Ladders suitable for gardening


    With summer really starting, it's the perfect time to garden. However, working in your garden can be more adventurous and less enjoyable without the right tools, like the best ladders. That's why we wanted to take a look at the best types of gardening ladders and provide you with some useful options Read More
  • [Security Matters] 8 safety requirements for working with ladders


    1. When going up and down the ladder, you should face the ladder, keep three-point contact, and do not carry heavy tools and materials. The selected ladder should meet the load-bearing requirements, be of appropriate length, and be easy to operate.2. The slope of the ladder should be appropriate. Th Read More
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