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6 of the best work trolleys

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-03      Origin: Site


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Transporting material can be a hassle. Rather than paying for the consequences, spend a little extra for a hand trolley that will improve work productivity substantially.

Types of Hand Trolleys and their Use?

1. No Handle Dolly

No Handle Dolly

Also known as a platform truck, a no handle dolly can be used to carry heavy cargo up to 300kg.

It enables users to move large material without the restriction of a handle. Most people use this for moving furniture.

However, workers must first manually lift the item onto the trolley as there is no lifting mechanism whatsoever.

Not to worry. We have 2 weight varieties of a platform truck that can withstand the weight of your items.

One can carry 120kg and another up to 300kg of weight so choose one best for your needs. But we recommend the 300kg weight capacity just in case.

2. Push Cart

luggage trolley cart

A pushcart dolly also called a hand truck, is similar to a platform truck. What makes it different is the addition of a handle.

This helps the worker to maneuver and steer easily. With the help of a sturdy handle, navigation is simpler to prevent bumping into walls.

There exists a wide range of trolleys than can withstand different loads. Some are equipped with a foldable handle for easy storage and portability.

Our best-selling hand truck is the Foldable Hand Trolley with ideal features for any application.

3. Upright Hand Trolley

hand push platform cart trolley

Warehouses sometimes deal with tall and heavy material bigger than a standard box.

So the ultimate material handling equipment would be the upright hand truck also known as a specialty hand truck.

This utility dolly is designed to move less weight amounting up to 90kg compared to the standard push trolley.

Tilt this two-wheeler back until the weight is balanced over the wheels and walk forward to maneuver and carry around your equipment.

4. Multiple leveled hand truck

Multiple leveled hand truck

Moving around large items would definitely be easier with a standard dolly but what about smaller items?

Balancing them on your platform trolley may topple them over, especially if on uneven flooring.

That’s why it is way better to invest in a multi-levelled trolley be it 2 layered or even 3 layered.

Multi-layered hand trucks are best used for fast restocking or for retail purposes. Some even come with anti-slip surfaces to better grip your material.

So, you don’t have to further reinforce your item’s security. Just let the trolley do its job!

5. Foldable Hand Trucks

platform trolley cart

For those who find themselves transporting material regularly, a folding hand truck is the best option.

It’s folding capability can help users simply lessen its dimensions to fit in a car, compartment, trucks or a storage area.

There are foldable trolleys that even come with an anti finger-snap feature. This prevents any injuries when the hand truck is folded.

One of our best selling foldable push carts is the Foldable Hand Truck PS101 that will make you throw away your old dolly!

6. Cage Protected Hand Trolley

camping trolley on wheels

A push cart can get the job done with little to no complications.

However, if you feel you need extra security when transporting material, purchase a cage protected hand truck instead. The metal lining gives full side protection so items stay in place during transport.

There are choices of one platformed caged push carts and also multi-levelled caged hand trucks.

Your daily material handling will benefit most out of your decision for the ultimate protective hand truck!


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