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Basic Information

  • [Basic Information] Why do roofers prefer telescopic ladders?


    If you are the homeowner, it is normal for you to climb up the roof to repair the occasional cracks and other things that need to be repaired. When other people spend money to ask professionals to do the work for them, you may be the one who likes to do the work yourself. So, you will use a ladder t Read More
  • [Basic Information] Why choose a telescopic ladder?


    Of course, there are pros and cons to buying a telescopic ladder. One of the main advantages of choosing a telescopic ladder is its compact nature. It is easy to transport and store, and it will be very valuable if you often transport ladders and lack space. When choosing between a single ladder and Read More
  • [Basic Information] Inspection of ladders before use


    The right house inspection ladder will make your job easier. The house inspector needs a suitable ladder, because you may need to climb to the roof to check for hail damage, frayed waterproofing boards, and other damage, so you need a ladder to do this.Other areas inside and outside the house may al Read More
  • [Basic Information] Ladders suitable for gardening


    With summer really starting, it's the perfect time to garden. However, working in your garden can be more adventurous and less enjoyable without the right tools, like the best ladders. That's why we wanted to take a look at the best types of gardening ladders and provide you with some useful options Read More
  • [Basic Information] How to ensure the safety of ladders during transport


    If you're a tradesman, getting your ladders from job to job is an important part of your day. Even if you know the advice we'll be giving for securing your ladder during transport, it doesn't hurt to review it, and if you're just starting out in the trade, this information will certainly help you. S Read More
  • [Basic Information] Precautions when using ladders outdoors


    Every day ladders are used in a variety of different environments to perform a variety of different tasks. This is why there are so many different types of ladders. As a result, there are many different ways to use ladders both indoors and outdoors. However, no matter where you use a ladder, you alw Read More
  • [Basic Information] Multifunctional ladders are more suitable for yard work


    In our daily life, ladders are more and more widely used. For example, when climbing and decorating homes, we all need the help of ladders. Ladder can be said to be ubiquitous in our lives, but movable ladders are only available when we need them. Movable ladders are made of wood boards and aluminum Read More
  • [Basic Information] How ladders should be stored correctly


    Ladder storage is essential to keep the ladder in good condition. When you choose to store an extension ladder or type A ladder incorrectly, it may be damaged and become unsafe.Even if the ladder is not damaged today, it may eventually become damaged over time. Proper ladder storage will help ensure Read More
  • [Basic Information] 6 occupations where you will use the ladder


    When you are in certain occupations, you may need to use a ladder. This means you need to understand the safety of the ladder. If you want to use a ladder, these are some occupations to consider. If not, don't engage in this line of work.6 occupations where you will use the ladder1. Agricultural Tec Read More
  • [Basic Information] A unique use for ladders in sport


    There are many uses for ladders. There are some fairly common choices, while others are more surprising. When you see the unique use of ladders in sports, you will understand some surprising uses of ladders.Judging from the many options for using ladders, aluminum alloy ladders have good use effects Read More
  • [Basic Information] The difference between a step stool and a ladder


    Before investing in a new ladder or step stool, you should know which one is right for you. You must understand the many differences between step stools and step ladders.Although these differences seem a bit like common sense, for beginners, it may not be that simple. Ladders and step stools have di Read More
  • [Basic Information] 3 tips for tree pruning with a telescopic ladder


    The extension ladder is designed to help you reach higher places. This type of ladder retracts when not in use for easy storage.When the telescopic tree trimmer cannot be reached, an extension ladder may be the answer. Here are some tips to make it easier to trim trees with extension ladders.1. Set Read More
  • [Basic Information] The biggest advantage of using scaffolding for exterior painting


    When painting the exterior of a house or other type of building, the ladder will not cut it. Not only will the ladder become uncomfortable, it is also not the safest option. Instead, you want to use scaffolding for exterior painting.The right scaffolding will give you the flexibility to paint the ex Read More
  • [Basic Information] Introduction to telescopic ladders


    As with any type of ladder, if you purchase an EN131 certified ladder, it is likely to be very safe as long as you use it in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. No risk should be taken when using these types of ladders and they should be stored and maintained properly to maintain their Read More
  • [Basic Information] How to place the extension ladder?


    Working at any height is dangerous. In order to be able to complete these tasks, you need to climb a telescopic ladder... but how to place the telescopic ladder to be safe? Using the correct placement can reduce the possibility of extension ladder accidents and unnecessary emergency room visits.1. T Read More
  • [Basic Information] What are tripod ladders used for?


    Tripod ladders may not be as widely known as other models of ladders because they are designed for specific tasks and are not used as multi-purpose ladders. Using the right ladder for the job is important to ensure that people are as safe as possible when working at any height. Traditional ladders a Read More
  • [Basic Information] When to replace an old ladder


    Did you know that 81% of fall injuries to construction workers are related to ladders?Checking the ladder is a quick and simple thing, but it is also easy to forget. We've all been there: they look good, they stand upright...what else to see? Well, it turns out that there are actually some very impo Read More
  • [Basic Information] Eight great uses for old ladders


    Your old ladder doesn't need to be indoors - we've come across many innovative uses for it outside - here are our favorites.1. Indoor UsesWe totally understand that it has to be the "right ladder" for indoor use, and whether you live in an apartment or have a spacious indoor space, these ideas may i Read More
  • [Basic Information] A brief introduction to the working platform


    Work platforms come in many configurations. If one is not familiar with the different configurations, selecting the right work platform can be a daunting task. Some of the questions that must be answered during the selection process to ensure an appropriate work platform is selected are:How high s Read More
  • [Basic Information] 3 essential tools for the workplace


    In recent years, trends have shown an increase in the use of platform ladders among industrial and residential users. Here's why you shouldn't be without one.Platform ladders increase productivity: more platform space and longer handrails allow for more room to move when working in multiple directio Read More
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