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  • Q What is your customers biggest problem?

    A My clients face the fierce market competition and the profit is getting less and less. Therefore, they are more and more concerned about the price of factory.For detail of any or all certifications, please feel free to contact us: niki@zjleader.com

  • Q Who is your average customer? Describe what they do, their personality, what are they like? Job titles?

    A Most of my customers are mid-level importers and wholesalers. The objects of communication are directly the purchasing supervisor or the boss himself. They hope that after quick communication, we can solve their problems.
  • Q 4. Why did you start this business? Tell us this story.

    A Yongkang is a famous hardware capital in China. Our Boss started from scratch when he was 18-year-old. He bought the first machine for 20,000 yuan and provided processing accessories for the pot factory. Gradually, we provide hardware accessories for many products, including power tools, hardware tools, daily hardware and other products. The boss also earned the first bucket of gold in his life. Later, because many of the factories we supplied had a lot of debt problems one after another. Our payment has evaporated for no reason. It is conceivable that all the parts factories earn a small amount of hard-earned money. In 2012, after the storm, the boss decided not to put his own destiny in the hands of others, and later transformed it, which is now the ladder, because we have a lot of supporting hardware needed for the ladder, so we There is an advantage in product transformation. Has been so far.
  • Q What do you want your brand to be in 5 years?

    A 1-2 years, we want to be recognized/ 3-4 years, we want to be trusted/ 5-6 years, we want to be chosen.
  • Q If your business stopped tomorrow, would you still have relationships with your customer? Why would you?

    A We hope to keep in touch with my customer. If we stop business,we will mean nothing for them.
  • Q Tell me a story of your favorite customer, what makes them your favorite? (Other then their business).

    A My business partner are going to stop production line in his own factory,because they trust us and plan to purchase all ladders from us.They are famous brand.
  • Q Tell us about the relationship you have with your clients. What impression do they give you? What impression do you give them? Give us a story that best explains this and 3 keywords that describes this best.

    A USA market,B2B.It is difficult for Zhejiang ladder factories to reach their standard.So we have few USA customers.Except direct customers from Amazon.
    EU market,Especially North EU,we have a customer who recognized us like a excellent business partner-good quality ladders/competitive price/good service/
    However,Germany is big hurdles for us to get into EU market.They hold strict requirments for BSCI/TUV product test(which is the highest standard for ladders) which we do not qualified at present.
    Southeast Asia,our price do not competitive in India.
    In Vietnam,we have a lot of customers because of good quality and fast delivery time.


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