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Best Folding Hand Trucks(1)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-02-21      Origin: Site


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1. Cosco Products Folding Hand Truck

Folding Hand Truck

Cosco Shifter is a highly popular brand of folding hand trucks as it has a high user rating because of the different options and features it offers to the user.

The Cosco Shifter 12222PBG1E folding hand truck is present in the 1st position in this article as it is the most durable and reliable option present in this article. You get a great build quality with this hand truck that makes it highly sturdy and strong. When combined with its 5-year long warranty, it is much more reliable than most other options out there.

Moving over to its loading capacity, you get a maximum loading weight capacity of 300 pound in this folding hand truck. It is able to offer this while having 4 wheels so that you can use it any orientation of your choice. You also get a foldable design in it that can be used without needing any pins or tools.

2. Harper Convertible Hand Truck

 Harper Convertible Hand Truck

As you can tell by its name, Harper Trucks is a brand that primarily makes folding hand trucks and generally offers great options for heavy-duty usage and applications.

Harper Trucks’ folding hand truck is present in the 2nd position in this article as it can be a great option as a heavy-duty hand truck. It offers a pretty high weight capacity limit of 400 pounds that is one of the highest when compared with other options. And it is able to offer this while having a total of 4 wheels so that you can use it in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

You get a 1-year long warranty with this folding hand truck that is always great to have. Although, the build quality is just average as you can find much better options at the given price tag. Since you get 8-inch wheels and 3-inch casters in this folding hand truck, maneuvering it is quite easy.

3. Milwaukee 30151 Hand Trucks

Hand Trucks

Milwaukee is one of the famous brands that provide high-quality products at affordable price range. Their 30151 is capable of easily removing weight up to 300lbs.

It is made up of heavy-duty steel which is light in weight to haul back for storage or travelling. As it comes with flow back handle, you can operate it using single or both hands.

As this truck comes with puncture proof tires, they will never go flat. It is made up of high-quality steel and powder coated finish which ensures durability.

4.  Kedsum Folding Hand Truck

4.Folding Hand Truck

Even though Kedsum makes folding hand trucks for basic usage, its models generally have a high user rating because of the various features offered by it.

The Kedsum folding hand truck can be a great option for a lot of users out there in terms of ease of use. It is one of the only options out there that comes included with accessories, including a storage bag for ease of use. You get a total of 4 wheels in this folding hand truck that allows you to use it in an either horizontal or vertical orientation as per your wish.

As for the weight carrying limit, you can use this folding hand truck for carrying up to 155 pounds. This is the same as other options in its class and should be more than enough for home-usage. You get a 1-year long warranty with this folding hand truck that is the same as other options. Unfortunately, its build quality is not the best and could have been better.


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