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Classification and characteristics of folding trolleys

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-20      Origin: Site


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Folding trolleys are trolleys that can be folded to reduce their size.

Silent walking: In addition to the high-performance resin used for the plates and castors, the castors have a unique silent design (patented product) that makes the product silent when walking.

The lightness of travel: The special design of the castors reduces the resistance to start and travel. This makes the product lighter and faster.

Reduced weight: The plates and castors are made of high-performance resin (plastic), making the product lighter in weight.

Load: 150KG series silent trolley rated load, starting force must be below 10KG 300KG series silent trolley rated load, starting force must be below 14KG

Plate: Test with 4 times the rated load at the center of the plastic plate, the plate must not break, and the plate must be bent less than 7mm and recover in 15 minutes.

Handrail: the starting force of 6 times the force is added to the handrail for 1 minute, after lifting, the handrail must not have any deformation, loosening or other phenomena occur. 

Caster: 3 times the rated load weight is applied to the caster, and after 3 minutes, the test gravity is lifted, the caster bracket is not deformed, and the rotation shaft and guide shaft must have no clearance or looseness. Silent trolley walking test: Under the rated load, walk continuously for 10 km at a constant speed of 4 km/h. The rubber of the castors must not be deformed, worn, or cracked due to heat. 

trolley cart hand


1、The plate of the folding trolley is made of a special resin material or cold-formed steel plate, which is strong and durable.

2、The plastic plate of the folding trolley has an additional non-slip rubber head, and the steel plate has a non-slip rubber pad on the upper surface.

3、The silent castors of the folding trolley are made of high-performance resin, which effectively reduces the noise and pushing force.

4、The chrome-plated handle of the folding trolley is bright and shiny and durable.

5、Folding trolley's handle has a stopper to prevent items from slipping backward.

6、The folding trolley's foldable handle saves maximum space.


The new, beautiful, synthetic plastic body and castors reduce the weight of the trolley. The unique design of silent and transmission technology makes the trolley walk silently and lightly. Widely used in factories, office buildings, libraries, hotels, catering, logistics, and other material handling industries.


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