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Best camping trolley for summer 2022(2)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-18      Origin: Site


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SuperHandy Metal Utility Wagon

Utility Wagon

The SuperHandy Metal Utility Wagon is pretty much an orange alternative to the blue trolley above with pretty much all the same features and specs. The maximum load is the same as 182KG or 400lbs (but as above, remember that’s for short journeys across a flat garden, don’t load it up like this for a festival!)

It’s got fully rotational front steering and pneumatic rubber tyres with the same full-metal, foldable design as our best pick above. The only real difference is the brand and the colour, so if there’s only one of the two in stock at the moment don’t feel like you’re getting an inferior product. They’re both great options that’ll last for years, provided you look after them and don’t overload them.

The best foldable festival trolleys

Portable Camping Wagon Cart Folding Beach Cart with Big Wheels Red


These foldable trolleys are a popular choice of festival trolley, thanks to both their lower price and how much easier they are to fit in the car. The model shown above retails on Amazon all year round.

【Smallest folding size for easy storage】

Surprise yourself with our fold up wagon which collapses down extremely compact in just seconds! Taking the easy transport as well as a space-saving storage into consideration and reduced its folding size to approx. 

Allowing it to be easily stored in the trunk of your car, your closet or garage while only minimum space is needed.

If you’ve got a small car that’s already gonna be packed out, the fact that you can fold these trolleys down to nothing might be one massive advantage.

The smaller, solid wheels make these trolleys less suited for deep mud. We had a pretty dry summer last year and they’d have been fine at most festivals, but we’ve had some very muddy festivals in the past.

The best upright / two-wheel trolley

Aluminium Trolley Cart Folding Push Truck Hand Luggage Cart


The upright trolleys with just two wheels can offer a sturdier, cheaper alternative to the folding trolleys above. That’s if you’ve got the body strength to keep it upright.

Best suited for taking heavy weights short distances, as these are incredibly strong, but they won’t be fun to push for miles. The more tired you get, the more likely you are to let it fall over.

You’ll also need a load of bungee straps or something else to tie your beer and your bags to the back of the trolley. These are absolutely essential, and if you forget and try to use duct tape last minute, you’ll have a bad time and no tape left for making a wizard staff guy out of your trolley.

With unholding dimensions of 39.37" x 15.75"x 15.35",it can fold down into a very small footprint only 2" thick for easy storage and transportation.

The folding dolly can be easily unfolded for use in seconds. Step 1: Pull out the handle. Step 2: Step on the nose plate and fold the truck. Step 3: Add the load and tilt the cart back to start moving. Assembly is not required. Pay attention to keep the balance of the trolley when using it. Both wheels land at the same time. Correct use can guarantee the service life.


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