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4 of the best camping trolleys: carrying more with ease

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-30      Origin: Site


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Carry more essential gear with a versatile camping trolley. We've picked the best, dependable options right here. These are also perfect for festivals, DIY tasks and gardening. 

Heading off caravanning or camping any time soon? If you’re going for more than a couple of days you’ll quickly realise that you’ll end up carrying a fair amount of stuff and even the most spacious backpack will struggle to fit a week’s worth of camping gear in it.

That’s why a camping trolley makes so much sense, especially if you enjoy camping in more remote locations or the site’s car park is miles from your pitch. These four-wheeled trailers will be able to transport goods safely without risking a pulled back.

These camping trolleys are not just ideal for standard camping trips either. The best camping trolleys that we’ve selected below can be used for festivals, day trips, beach outings, barbeques and gardening duties. Think of them as more refined wheelbarrows. Most can even fold down after being used for easy storage.

The best camping trolley

Umi Folding Wagon

Umi Folding Wagon

A very clever piece of engineering, this sturdy camping trolley from Umi can hold 100kg with ease and can even fold up when not in use.

While it’s a fairly expensive option, it does feature a number of clever options including a clever UV-absorbing sun canopy. It also features dual, adjustable handles and dual drink holders. It even features a brake to stop your camping gear from rolling away.

The best camping trolley for campervanners

Folding Camping Cart Wagon Trolley Portable Beach

trolley carts

A similar design to the Umi, this rugged camping trolley may do without the sun canopy and dual handles, but it is designed for dealing with slightly tougher ground thanks to those tougher wheels.

It folds flat when not in use and comes with two drink holders, but it also comes with a zippable pocket for storing more delicate items.

The best camping trolley on a budget

Amazon Basics Collapsible Utility Wagon

Collapsible Utility Wagon

A basic camping trolley, this option from Amazon Basics still offers all you’d expect from a quality product. It folds up, features four sturdy wheels and even has the all-important drinks holder.

While it looks just like the other options here, it’s only rated to carry 60kg (or 120kg if you don’t move it). It’s fine if you’re a light packer, just be warned it’s not as beefy as its more expensive rivals.

The best camping trolley for tough terrain

Qualtex Large Heavy Duty Outdoor Waterproof Festival Cart

Waterproof Festival Cart

The builder’s pickup of trollies, the Qualtex is our top choice for when the going gets rough. Everything about this camping trolley is purposeful, from those chunky all-terrain tyres and hose-down waterproof bag right down to the military-green paint and huge 350kg maximum load rating. Those wire sides even fold down to make loading heavier items easy.

Designed primarily for gardening, it’s still an acceptable choice for more extreme camping, although the fact it doesn’t fold up at all will hamper its portability.


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