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The Best Telescoping Ladders of 2022(2)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-04      Origin: Site


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When we first took this ladder out of the shipping box, we were amazed at how light it was—less than 16 pounds. It retracts to just 31 inches tall and comes with a strap to secure the rungs when it’s not in use. When retracted, the ladder slid easily into the gap next to the refrigerator, so this little ladder is highly suitable for using and storing in the house.

The Toolitin ladder comes with a Type IAA rating, meaning it should support up to 375 pounds, but we question that. It’s a nice little ladder, and it supported about 155 pounds and still felt secure, but it did flex some when fully extended—it bowed inward just slightly. We feel safe recommending it for those who weigh less than 200 pounds, but not more.

The extension and retraction motion is smooth and soft, and it doesn’t take long to retract this ladder. We only had to depress both buttons on the bottom rung to lower the ladder. This is much quicker than lowering one rung at a time as some other ladders require. The nonslip feet stayed firmly planted when we used the ladder on a ceramic tile floor—no slipping.

The Toolitin ladder is a basic telescoping ladder for all those out-of-reach chores, but it’s a light-duty ladder. It’s less than 20 inches wide, so don’t use it to clean gutters or other tasks requiring reaching out to the side. It’s best suited for quick retrieval of overhead items. It’s good at what it does, but it’s not a DIY-project ladder.


We were impressed by the quality and versatility of this Werner ladder. It comes with five different locking positions and legs that adjust to multiple lengths, so it is excellent for use on sloping ground where traditional step ladders can present a tipping hazard. We used it as an extension ladder, a double-sided twin step ladder, a stairway ladder, and a 90-degree wall ladder.

We also paired it with another multiposition ladder for use as a scaffold. It was sturdy in all positions.

This telescoping ladder comes with all the safety bells and whistles, complete with an ANSI rating and OSHA certification, and that’s evident in how stable the ladder feels underfoot—no slipping. It comes with an extra-wide flared bottom, non-marring slip-resistant sturdy feet, well-made locks, plus push knobs that make the ladder feel safe and secure in any position. Werner is a highly reputable name in the world of ladders, and we found this multiposition ladder to be right up there with Werner’s other ladders.

The ladder comes with a type IAA rating, which means it should safely hold up to 375 pounds, and we saw no reason to doubt that claim. It features high-quality materials that look to stand the test of time. Most workers can trust it to carry them and their supplies up the ladder safely. This ladder is well suited for larger DIY projects, and it would even be helpful on a job site because it’s built so well. And it only weighs 31.5

Zheng's Way 2.6m/8.5FT One-Side Telescopic Aluminum Ladder 


Telescopic ladder made of aluminium with max load 150kgs.

It can be locked at each different section,flexible height to suit lots of job applications, easy to store or transportation.


This ladder can be used in many place, like indoor/outdoor/office/library and even used in engineering work. It's a really practical and multifunctional ladder.


Lightweight & portable aluminum construction. Compact design for easy storage.


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