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3 things to know about choosing the right ladder

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-11      Origin: Site


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Most people, both in and out of the industry, use some type of climbing equipment on a regular basis. For homeowners, it can be something benign, such as a step stool to reach higher shelves, change light bulbs or even smoke detector batteries.

For DIY'er, the project usually includes extending the range. It can be as simple as ripping out panels (gee, I wish my arms were longer) to build an elevated deck. Here, different types of ladders are needed, depending on the job at hand.

For professionals, this is a collection of ladders. Ladders, extensions and multi-purpose ladders are all necessary. In some cases, scaffolding and pump jacks meet the requirements. So here's a primer on four criteria when choosing a ladder.

1: What type of ladder do I need?

This may seem like a basic question, but different ladders are designed to safely guide you through different types of projects. Finding and choosing the right ladder is your first step to getting the right tool for the job.

First, let's look at the 2 most common types of ladders.

Extension ladders allow you to store your tools more efficiently, while also providing the added flexibility to adjust the height as needed. Other variants of this tool are straight or manhole ladders, which are single-section and can be used repeatedly for a set length (think library ladders to the one height needed for the actual application).

Extended step locks account for most of the abuse of this ladder type and can lead to early failure. Some companies are using advanced polymers to strengthen this critical component. Today, polymers have replaced steel and aluminum in many applications, including automobiles and trucks.


2: Choosing the right ladder reach/height

That's right; there are two factors to consider when choosing the right ladder. The way they are calculated depends on the type of ladder you are using.

The ladder will include the length of the ladder when it is open and the maximum height you want to reach, based on an average person's height of 5'9" and 12" in the vertical range.

So if you know how high you want to reach, say 10 feet, you might purchase a 6-foot ladder that allows you to safely stand nearly 4 feet above the ground.

Choosing a height: ladder size, approximate maximum standing height and maximum reach.

There are a few other considerations for telescoping ladders. Here, the maximum working ladder length and maximum standing level come into play, based on the same physical characteristics of the individual described above.

Choosing the right product here is a bit tricky due to the user-defined angle of use, partial overlap and projection of the ladder above the tilt point on the extension ladder.

3: Choosing the right weight capacity

Most home users don't need extra heavy duty ladders. In contrast, professionals need to make sure the ladders they use can support them and their tools. This can all be easily solved by knowing the actual tariff rating.

The duty rating is the category assigned to the ladder. It is an easy way to determine how much total weight a ladder can support in each step without any risk to the user. It is written in Roman numerals, from lighter loads to heavier loads. They start with III to I, then add IA and IAA for heavier loads.

Remember, these grades include all the weight the ladder can support. Some people make the mistake of climbing ladders because they are under the specified weight limit and do not take into account the heavy tools they are carrying.


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