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How to choose the right ladder for your job(2)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-27      Origin: Site


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4) Choose the right material

The different materials used to design and manufacture ladders are not for aesthetic purposes, even if they sometimes look alike. Each material has a different context and purpose; for example, one of the most common materials used to make ladders is aluminum. This is because it is lightweight, easy to use, and very strong and durable, allowing users to climb and stand as safely as possible. In addition, this aluminum will not rust or corrode in the rain, making it ideal for outdoor work (such as gardening or window cleaning) where it may be exposed to wet weather.

Another example is fiberglass, which is used for ladders needed for electrical work because, unlike other materials, they do not conduct electricity, so electricians need fiberglass ladders rather than metal ladders. This is why it is so important to consider the purpose of the ladder, because you don't want to end up buying a ladder made of the wrong material and increase the risk of an accident.

As a ladder owner, what should I check before I use it?

Before starting a task, it is important to perform a "pre-use" inspection to find any obvious visual defects and to make sure the ladder is safe to use. These checks are particularly applicable to anyone in the industry who regularly uses ladders for work. Pre-use inspections should be performed.


By the user

At the beginning of the working day (or at the start of a DIY task if at home)

After there is an opportunity, for example, for the ladder to be dropped from a dirty area or moved to a clean area (be sure to check the condition or status of the feet).

A checklist to complete includes.

Check the door stile - make sure they are not bent or damaged as the ladder may collapse or bend under any weight.

Check the feet - if they are missing, damaged or worn, the ladder may slip due to lack of grip. It is also important to check the feet when moving from loose/dirty ground (such as excavated soil, loose sand/rock, or a dirty workshop) to a solid, smooth surface (such as paving slabs) to ensure that the actual foot material and not dirt (such as soil, embedded rocks, or debris) is in contact with the ground.

Look at the rungs - if they are bent, worn, loose or missing, the ladder could fail and cause injury to the user.

Check any locking mechanisms - if they are bent or the fixtures are worn or damaged, the ladder could collapse. Also, make sure the locking lever is fully engaged to hold the ladder in the correct position.

Check the live ladder platform - if it is buckled or cracked, the ladder may become unstable and collapse.

Check the steps or treads on the live ladder - if they are contaminated, they may be slippery and if the fixtures on the steps are loose, they may collapse.

If you notice any of these problems, do not use the ladder and notify your employer immediately if you are working.


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