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The 5 most popular telescopic ladders 2022

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-06-22      Origin: Site


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Do you need to fix a roof? Are you keen to paint or clean the upstairs windows? Maybe you have to rescue Tom the Tabby cat from the big old oak tree in your garden. Whichever it is, you will need to find a way to get up high.

You could turn to a trusty rigid wooden ladder, but we think there’s another (better) option – the telescopic ladder. Made from robust aluminium and versatile in its construction, the best telescopic ladder is a hardy, practical tool.

The average telescopic ladder extends from approximately 0.8m to 3.3m (sometimes even higher). Use it to get the job done efficiently and then close the ladder back down and pop it away until it’s needed again.

#1: DIY Multi-Purpose Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

telescopic ladder lowes


Lightweight and durable aluminium design

Extends incrementally to a height of 3.8m

150Kg load bearing

Solid rubber tipped feet

Industrial grade latches

Foldable, with storage straps

A shape length 190cm by 190cm

12 steps in total (30cm between each step)

83cm in length and 13.5 Kg in weight (when collapsed)

Supplied with safety certification

Things You Might Want to Know:

The rungs don’t lock into a closed position when you lift the ladder (so they might drop when you move it).

You cannot use the ladders without locking the stabiliser bar into place at the bottom – so these ladders are quite wide down below.

You should always take care when collapsing the ladders (watch your fingers)!

This is our pick for the best telescopic ladder

#2: 5M Telescopic Multi-Purpose Ladder

double side telescopic ladder


Made from high-quality aluminium


Herringbone length of 2.5m and extended length of 5m

150Kg load bearing capacity

Rubber feet for grip and stability

Rolling casters for easy manoeuvrability

Stable locking key between steps to prevent friction

Stabiliser bar

30cm between each step

86cm in length and 17.8 Kg in weight (when collapsed)

Complies with EN131 safety standards

Things You Might Want to Know:

When using as a short ladder, extend the rungs from the top. Keep the bottom rungs gathered.

Don’t forget to remove the black plastic pieces from the support bar (these are just for shipping purposes) – you can then join the stabiliser bar and feet.

There’s no carry bag, but you can hook the ladder under your arm and carry by holding the lower rung.

This is our 2nd best telescopic ladder pick

#3: Multi-Purpose Ladder Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

amazon telescopic ladder



Anodised aluminium

Open to height required – up to extended length of 3.8m

150Kg load bearing capacity

Black anti-slip rubber sleeve on bottom for stable locking

13 rungs on ladder

30cm between each rung

380cm x 48cm x 8.8 cm when opened fully

Things You Might Want to Know:

The latches automatically lock in place but do make sure you watch where you’re putting your fingers!

When folded, the product’s dimensions are L 84cm W 78cm H 16cm

#4: Telescopic Multipurpose Ladder

double side telescopic ladder


Extend rung by rung to a height of 3.8m

Lightweight but durable

High quality polished aluminium

Step intervals of 30cm

Closed length of 81cm for simple storage

150Kg load bearing capacity

High quality rubber feet for grip and stability

Locking key between steps prevents friction

Conforms to EN31 standard

Things You Might Want to Know:

This is a robust ladder, so might feel a little heavy to some

Take care not to catch your hands in the A-frame mechanism

#5: WolfWise Telescoping Ladder

telescopic ladders argos


Non slip end caps

Unlock each section in 1 foot increments as needed

Choose the height to meet your needs

Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy


15 rungs in total

Locking rung on step 2 and 14

150Kg load bearing capacity

Extends up to 4.7m

Retracts to 94cm for simple storage and transport

Things You Might Want to Know

The manufacturer suggests you avoid standing on the top three rungs (as a safety precaution)

This ladder does not have a soft-close mechanism so take care – it closes with relative force!


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