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Why choose a telescopic ladder?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-22      Origin: Site


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Of course, there are pros and cons to buying a telescopic ladder. One of the main advantages of choosing a telescopic ladder is its compact nature. It is easy to transport and store, and it will be very valuable if you often transport ladders and lack space. When choosing between a single ladder and a telescopic ladder, you should consider that the price of the same working height is much higher when buying a telescopic ladder. The reason for the price is because more parts are required for manufacturing, and manufacturing is more complicated. In addition, the different parts make it more sensitive to knocks, which means it is easier to break.

1. 3 advantages of telescopic ladder

Ultra-compact, the telescopic ladder is very suitable for transportation and does not take up much space when folded.

Automatic locking, our telescopic ladder will automatically lock when pulled out. This makes it very easy to use.

Anti-fouling treatment, this treatment makes it easy to clean and maintain.

telescopic ladder

2. Alternatives to telescopic ladders

There are many alternatives that can be used to replace telescopic ladders. However, we recommend using a special type of ladder as an alternative to telescopic ladders. A single ladder can reach the same height as a telescopic ladder, and the cost is 20-40% lower, depending on the height of the ladder you usually use. In addition, a single aluminum ladder is more durable and can withstand more severe impacts because it is not composed of as many parts as a telescopic ladder.

If the reason for buying a telescopic ladder is because of its portability and folding ability, then no other alternative can match it.

3. Usage

There are many manufacturing and sales of telescopic ladders. When you look at the different telescopic ladders, the most important thing is to see if they have the correct approval and if the locking mechanism is working properly. We chose our telescopic ladder, assuming that it is economical and does not affect the quality. Our ladder is easy to use and has an intelligent automatic locking function.

When you use a telescopic ladder, you should realize that it is more sensitive than a single ladder made of aluminum. The reason it is easier to break when subjected to a strong impact is that the construction of the ladder is more technical than the more traditional single ladder on the market. When using this type of ladder, make sure that it is kept relatively clean.


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