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7 rules to improve the safety of your ladder

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-03      Origin: Site


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Ladder safety is one of the most important things when working at heights. If you want to work safely, you need to follow certain rules. Let's take a look at the seven main rules for improving the safety of ladders.

1. Read the instructions

The ladder comes with instructions, they are very important. These instructions include important information, such as weight limits and the correct way to use a new ladder.

2. Check the ladder

Check it whenever you plan to use a ladder for work. You never know when something unsafe happened. Look for lost hardware, loose steps, and other signs of insecurity.

When going up and down the ladder, you should face the ladder, keep three-point contact, and do not carry heavy tools and materials. The selected ladder should meet the load-bearing requirements, be of appropriate length, and be easy to operate.


3. Never take the first step

The top step is dangerous and should not be used in one step. It negates your three contact points and makes your ladder safer no longer so safe.

Do not operate remotely by tilting your body. Excessive extension of limbs for construction operations will cause body imbalance and fall. Do not step on the ladder with one foot, nor use your legs or feet to move the ladder.

4. Pay attention to the door

A door will make your project fail. If the door just hits the ladder, it can be quite dangerous.

5. Check the feet

The foot of the ladder is very important. If they are damaged, you may be in trouble. Make sure to check your feet for cracks and damage, but also make sure they are on solid ground.

The slope of the ladder should be appropriate. The horizontal distance between the contact point at the upper end of the ladder and the support point at the lower end should be equal to one-fourth to one-third of the distance between the contact point and the support point.

6. Move slowly

Don't feel that you need to get up and down the ladder quickly. Take your time, move carefully and safely.

7. Check the weather before going to work

If you work outdoors, be sure to check the weather. Metal ladders are not a good choice in thunderstorms, and it is not good to work on ladders in rainy days anyway.

When it comes to ladder safety, these seven rules are quite different. Before starting, please follow all of them and make sure you understand the correct ladder safety.


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