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8 safety requirements for working with ladders

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-11      Origin: Site


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1. When going up and down the ladder, you should face the ladder, keep three-point contact, and do not carry heavy tools and materials. The selected ladder should meet the load-bearing requirements, be of appropriate length, and be easy to operate.

2. The slope of the ladder should be appropriate. The horizontal distance between the contact point at the upper end of the ladder and the support point at the lower end should be equal to one-fourth to one-third of the distance between the contact point and the support point.

3. Do not operate remotely by tilting your body. Excessive extension of limbs for construction operations will cause body imbalance and fall. Do not step on the ladder with one foot, nor use your legs or feet to move the ladder.

4. Do not sit on a ladder to operate. When using a herringbone ladder, the hasp should be fastened firmly.

When working on live lines or near running equipment, insulated ladders and step stools should be selected, and metal ladders should not be used.


5. The ladder should be installed stably and reliably. The foundation and the supporting objects should be stable and able to bear the maximum load on the ladder. The ground should be flat, free of debris, and not slippery.

6. Wear non-slip shoes when working on ladders. Two or more people should not work on the same ladder or go up and down; when using straight ladders or higher herringbone ladders, there should be a personal escalator.

7. When using a straight ladder, you should stand on the ladder step not less than 1m away from the top of the ladder. When the ladder rests on the hanging wire, the upper end of the ladder is at least 30cm higher than the hanging wire (except for the iron hook on the upper end of the ladder), but higher than The part must not exceed one-third of the height of the ladder.

8. Before using the ladder, confirm whether the ladder is in good condition. The accessories of the ladder should be complete. The connection of each part should be firm. There should be no skew, broken, loose, cracked, decayed, twisted, deformed, etc. of the ladder beam and the pedal. Folding ladders and telescopic ladders should move freely. The ropes of the telescopic ladder should be free from damage or broken strands, the metal ladder pedals should be treated with anti-skid treatment, and the ladder feet should be equipped with anti-skid insulation ladders with anti-skid insulation rubber pads.


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