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Reasons for correctly rated load ladders(2)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-17      Origin: Site


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If you are a slim and tough guy, weighing up to 80 kg, a 90kg rated step ladder is still fine if the work is light. But if the work is heavy with a lot of moving, and shaking, then the lowly rated step ladders is really not suitable and solid enough for you. The step ladder will be wobbly if you insist to clim on it. For you, a step ladder that is above 100kg rating, will be more suitable. Especially when you are working alone. A wobbly step ladder really give you an riskly and unsecure feeling.

For big guys doing real tough work such as drilling, painting, renovation, installing lights, curtain railings, etc, go for a step ladder that can take 150kg. These step ladders would give you the most solid feeling. It will be able to take the shock or the work that you are doing without losing stability and being wobbly.

If you are using the step ladder of the incorrect rating, you will end up dissapointed with the step ladder. Let’s say for example, you are a guy who is 95 kg, and you are using a step ladder that you bought from a common hardware stores that is rated at 80kg —- let me just reel off topic for a minute.

step ladder

The hardware stores are great places to buy your piping materials, nails, etc, and you can also buy a stepladder there.

But bear in mind, each time you buy a step ladder there, they will not inform you what is the rating of the step ladder. And usually, like all hardware store that supply and keep low-priced materials and equipment, they would do their best to carry only value priced materials. Hence, they will also be stocking up on the low-priced step ladders. These stepladder are often times good step ladders as well, but — the load rating is generally much lower such as at 80kg only.

Generally, only men visit hardware stores, and are generally heaviliy bodied. The step ladder would work fine for those who are 80kg standing on 80kg step ladders. But when you carry your tools and climb on top, and climb up and down, the step ladder will wobble alot. Soon, you will find the step ladder that you just bought from the hardware store will be unusable and too wobbly to use. And you would have to spend money to buy another one, dismayed by the low quality build of the step ladders.

The reason is really simple, as an 80kg stepladder is actually rated for 80 kg of static load. Static load here means that the load is 80 kg and does not move around. In short, when they load test their step ladders, they place a large bodied block of metal, or lead onto the step ladder, and left it there for weeks. With no movements, the joints of the step ladders are not affected, and the step ladder will remain stable.


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