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How to choose a platform ladder when working at height

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-09-23      Origin: Site


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Working at heights can be dangerous. Choosing the right ladder can save a little. Compared with ladders, podium ladders provide a better choice for working at heights. Here are some of the best reasons why the podium ladder is a better choice.

1. Features of platform ladder

As the platform ladder adopts the A-frame structure, it provides a stronger support base than traditional ladders. In addition, this type of ladder provides an ultra-wide platform at the top, allowing users to gain extra height while maintaining a foothold.

Another feature that helps make the podium ladder the right choice for working at heights is the handrail. It extends from the top to allow attachments to be added to create a tool station. Some larger models will even provide complete guardrails to make ladders safer.

2. Better balance and less fatigue

Working on a ladder at a high place for a long time can easily lead to fatigue. In this case, balance is critical, and the podium ladder provides the foundation needed to maintain balance. Compared with ladders, working at high places on the podium ladder puts less physical and mental stress on you.

platform ladder

3. Additional features and accessories

Some additional features and accessories can be added to your podium ladder to make it safer. The stabilizer base rod or extended leg stabilizer is a good starting point. In addition, you can add telescopic legs or telescopic podium steps. For convenience, other attachments can be added.

Choosing a podium ladder for high-altitude work allows you to complete the work without safety issues. With the right ladder and the right ladder accessories, working at heights will become easier and safer. If you work at high places for a long time, choose a podium ladder instead of a ladder.

In addition to knowing your ladder and height restrictions, you should also invest in fall protection when you reach a certain height. This height may vary from job to job, but the standard is 24 feet. When you work with a ladder that is 24 feet or higher, you should use a fall protection device. Of course, if you think it is necessary, you can also use these devices with shorter ladders.

When it comes to ladder height restrictions and fall protection, you should know what you need and why. It is important to understand your ladder and use appropriate safety measures, otherwise you may become statistical data.


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