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What causes the galvanizing effect of the folding table

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-13      Origin: Site


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Have you heard that the folding table has a galvanized effect? In fact, these are all technologies added by folding table manufacturers in order to improve the use effect of folding tables. Let's take a look at what factors will have a certain impact on the folding chair during galvanizing:

1. Anode passivation: the effective area is reduced, which affects the normal distribution of current.

2. Due to the excessive corrosion of the workpiece, the possibility of hydrogen precipitation is reduced, the current efficiency of the surface of the workpiece is reduced, and the hydrogen precipitation is accelerated, thereby affecting the deposition rate of zinc. In the pickling process, an appropriate amount of preservative should be added, and the local oxide scale should be removed mechanically first, and more inspections should be done during the pickling.

3. In the electroplating process, the current density distribution is too small, or the workpiece suspension method is improper, and the distance between the zinc anode is too large, and the current density distribution in the electroplating process should be adjusted.

4. Low additive content in the plating bath: low additive content will affect dispersibility and cause local coating to be too thin.

5. Low bath temperature: When the bath temperature is low, the current density will decrease correspondingly, and the deposition rate of the coating will inevitably decrease.

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6. High sodium hydroxide content in the plating bath: when the sodium hydroxide content is high, the current efficiency is correspondingly reduced.

7. The workpiece is compressed too tightly: the workpiece is partially shielded due to the thin coating during the galvanizing process.

8. The workpiece has a high carbon content: high-carbon steel and cast iron workpieces will reduce hydrogen evolution and accelerate hydrogen evolution on the surface of the workpiece, thereby reducing current efficiency.

9. Poor conductivity: consumes the current of the wire, and the current distributed to the surface of the workpiece is too small.

10. Low sodium hydroxide content: If the sodium hydroxide content is low and the current density does not increase, the anode will become dull.

11. Incomplete pretreatment: There is an oxide film on the surface of the workpiece, which affects the normal deposition of zinc.


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