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The best materials for modern outdoor tables and chairs(2)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-05-04      Origin: Site


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Extremely versatile, aluminum can be extruded or cast into any shape or design. Its light weight and durability make it an attractive option for outdoor furniture. Incredibly low maintenance, aluminum patio furniture does not rust like iron or steel when exposed to moist or salty outdoor air, nor does it dry out or crack like most wooden furniture when exposed to the sun. The only place aluminum outdoor furniture is not ideal are locations prone to high winds.


Steel is the strongest material, but it is also heavy and the more expensive of the metals. Due to its weight, steel furniture is not as easy to move around, but will be more stationary against the wind. Galvanized or stainless steel are the best options for outdoor furniture, as regular steel rusts and corrodes very easily when exposed to outside elements.

Galvanizing introduces a zinc coating to the sheets of steel to protect the metal from corrosion and help it withstand water exposure (as long as it is not salt water). Stainless steel, however, adds chromium to molten steel, which is resistant to rust and can be exposed to even salt water. This makes stainless steel perfect for marine environments. Do note that steel outdoor furniture, galvanized or stainless alike, will corrode with exposure to chlorine. So make sure any poolside steel furniture has a nice, strong powder coat finish to protect it further.

outdoor furniture


Upholstered outdoor furniture is unarguably the most comfortable of your options. It offers the ultimate lounging experience, and a look that could just as easily be envisioned indoors. Outdoor fabrics are usually made out of water resistant synthetic fibers like vinyl, polyester, acrylic, etc. Such weaves tend to be breathable and resistant to sun fade, moisture and other kinds of outdoor damage.

Unless it’s used by itself as a sling, exactly how weatherproof outdoor fabric may be is also heavily dependent on the weather resistance of its fill material. QuickDry foam and other similar fill materials are made to speed up water evaporation and runoff, and eliminate mold and mildew issues. That being said, it is super-important not to leave upholstered furniture unprotected during the winter.


Previously seen as just a building material, concrete is trending as a key material in design, including modern outdoor furniture. With durability and strength, concrete furniture designs are also sleek and aesthetically pleasing. However, concrete is, by nature, heavy, porous and susceptible to staining. Liquids will soak into the surface and carry the stain into the concrete itself, and acidic substances like vinegar and lemon juice will dissolve the cement paste.

Not all concrete outdoor furniture is the same, however. While some furniture pieces use natural concrete (meaning naturally porous and not resistant to stains or freeze-thaw climates that cause cracking), there are blends of concrete and fiberglass or resin that are lighter and protect the surface from stains.


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