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Talk about outdoor furniture with the effect and the new trend of outdoor furniture

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-18      Origin: Site


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Nowadays, outdoor furniture is mainly used in hotels, villas and commercial places, and this article analyzes some outdoor furniture with. Early domestic outdoor furniture design drawings mainly from the European and American elements, now the domestic outdoor furniture with effect drawings all from their own original factors, the main emergence of several new trends.

First, more and more private homes focus on the design and color of outdoor places, and the consumption of outdoor furniture for private places is gradually increasing.

The second is the emergence of more well-known domestic outdoor furniture brands, outdoor furniture manufacturers from the previous label production, focusing on imitation, etc., changed to design more focus on originality and cater to domestic aesthetic features.

Third, the rise of the concept of soft furnishing design, so that the outdoor furniture with the integration of lighting, floral, fabric and other soft furnishing elements, more attention to the integrity and richness.

outdoor furniture

Different people have distinct differences in behavioral characteristics when using outdoor furniture. People with disabilities are the disadvantaged group and they need more care. Therefore, the design of outdoor furniture should consider the psychological characteristics of these people in order to serve people more broadly and be accepted by the public. For example, the height of garbage cans, the width of the disabled access and the length of the seats should be in line with ergonomics and aesthetic principles.

The coordination of outdoor furniture itself is the internal coordination, in the case of outdoor sitting stools, whether the chair body and back, headrest and back sook, the tilt of the branch pole, etc. is appropriate. In addition there are color matching and proportion factor, etc. The next is the coordination between outdoor furniture and other types, such as the coordination between pavilion and corridor, litter box and signage, lamps and scenic walls.

Outdoor furniture is the medium of direct dialogue between people and nature, and can harmonize the relationship between people and the environment. For example, Huizhou-style architecture in black, white and gray as a unified color. When designing outdoor furniture, it must take into account the overall architectural style. The ancient literati like to inscribe poems, carvings, paintings and other patterns on the outdoor furniture, in fact, is to express a cultural connotation, to highlight the personality of the gas. We for these cultural outdoor furniture should see the story behind it.

Nevertheless, the color matching of outdoor furniture is still in its infancy in China. Therefore, Chinese outdoor furniture designers have to assume the role of popularizing the development of Chinese outdoor furniture in the middle. Demonstrate knowledge of the environment and color matching effects of outdoor furniture, outline the history of outdoor furniture, raw materials, maintenance knowledge and other knowledge. Absorbing outstanding outdoor furniture matching cases from Europe and America, providing effective solutions and reference opinions for designers' overall outdoor design.


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