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Outdoor furniture design concepts and matching solutions

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-21      Origin: Site


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Outdoor furniture exists in people's daily life, and its design concept is nurtured in the social and cultural development, with materiality, spirituality and sociality. The materiality is reflected in its existence and practical value. Spirituality reflects people's value orientation and aesthetic interest, including sociality such as matching techniques and style characteristics.

It is inseparable from all kinds of social norms or organizations, and together with the architectural environment and the small interior environment, it embodies the spiritual contents such as hierarchy, religious beliefs and humanistic thoughts in certain social institutions and social groups. The following two aspects of emotion and harmony to explore the concept of outdoor furniture design.

1. Emotional design concept

The emotion of outdoor furniture is created through various elements, such as the use of red colors to create a warm environmental atmosphere, through a variety of strange shapes to show a kind of humor, through decorative patterns to show the cultural heritage. In short, outdoor furniture through a variety of elements to serve people, so that people play at the same time to enjoy the spiritual pleasure, so as to achieve the moral education and fun, moral feelings in the scene. However, the realization of this collision of heart and object is a dialogue between people and outdoor furniture, evoking people's inner emotions and gaining a sense of identity in the mind. Outdoor furniture emotional design elements specifically include color emotion, texture emotion, shape emotion, decorative emotion and space emotion.

The colors of outdoor furniture are divided into natural colors (natural colors) and man-made colors. The color of outdoor furniture is intuitive and has a strong visual impact. The right color combination brings a pleasant inner feeling to the viewer, while the opposite incongruous color will bring negative effects.

Outdoor furniture texture is divided into two kinds, one is the tactile sensation, which is directly with the human body has a direct sense of touch, thick and thin and hard, hot and cold and light can be truly experienced. The second is the visual perception, which is related to the human life experience, it takes a long period of time to accumulate to perceive.

The shape of outdoor furniture through its morphological composition, that is, through the combination of points, lines, surfaces three-dimensional space. Novel and unique outdoor furniture will always make people feel different inside. On the contrary, mediocre outdoor furniture gives people a sense of blandness or even disgust. In addition, the shape of outdoor furniture also has a certain style, forming the characteristics of different cultural heritage.

outdoor furniture

2. Harmonious design concept

For outdoor furniture, the harmonious design concept is not the simple creation of things that people perceive, it is related to the relationship between the three elements of people, outdoor furniture and the environment. It is also a matter of coordination and balance. The specific embodiment of the harmonious design of outdoor furniture can be divided into the following three elements:1. the harmony between people and outdoor furniture. 2. the harmony between outdoor furniture and outdoor furniture. 3. the harmony between outdoor furniture and the environment.

In short, the concept of harmonious design of outdoor furniture is a variety of disciplines combined with each other's systematic work, is the product of the combination of people - outdoor furniture - environment, the three are indispensable. These three combinations are contradictory and complementary, relatively independent and inseparable.


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