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How to use a ladder safely in the garden?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-01      Origin: Site


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When using any type of ladder outdoors, be sure to follow the instructions. Climbing ladders outdoors poses greater risks and is usually done at higher heights. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind many of the necessary safety measures and protections. Here are some basic safety tips to remember when using ladders outdoors.

Universal Ladder Rack

Universal ladder stands are designed to secure your ladder to the structure it is climbing, thus providing additional stability for both the ladder and the user. The angled slots on the ladder rack allow it to be used on flat surfaces, such as walls or corners. When used with a ladder rack, the ladder can be climbed with much less likelihood of injury from accidental loosening of the ladder.

Step platform

Step platforms are fixed to the crosspiece of a ladder to increase the standing area. They allow for greater user maneuverability and balance while providing additional assurance. Step platforms are easy to install and can be removed when not needed.


Roof Hooks

Roof hooks are added to the top of the ladder and hook onto the slope of the roof to prevent the ladder from slipping, ensuring that climbers are provided with stable and steady support. These ladders are also able to be used on other surfaces and structures to provide the same level of stability.

Wall Pads

Wall pads are placed on top of the ladder legs where they can rest on the climbing structure to improve friction and reduce potential slippage. Wall pads not only improve grip, but also protect the surface against which the ladder rests. Wall pads are similar to the feet at the bottom of a ladder, and both provide greater safety.

Leveling Pads

The horizontal pad is placed under both legs of the ladder and provides a single horizontal surface for the ladder. This reduces the risk of the ladder becoming unstable or wobbly on uneven ground. An uneven resting surface is an often overlooked hazard, especially when working outdoors.

Grass/deck grips

The addition of a grass/deck grip provides support for the ladder legs, preventing them from slipping off the climbing structure and endangering the user. This attachment is often used on potentially hazardous surfaces, such as grass or decks, that may appear stable but may be slippery or wet. Without grass or deck grips, a loaded ladder may be damaged or retracted into the surface on which it is placed.

Ladder Handrails

Handrails are commonly found on multi-purpose ladders used for a variety of different applications. Adding handrails provides additional safety if the user loses balance or begins to fall backwards. Handrails are a simple and effective way to reduce the risk of accidents to the user.

Ladder Inspection Kit

Ladder inspection kits are used to ensure that a ladder is in safe working condition before it is put into service. Inspection kits are essential equipment to assess the safety and usability of any ladder. They provide guidelines for inspecting ladders for damaged or missing parts before use.

Replacing Ladder Feet

Because it is highly recommended that you only use a ladder when its feet are in working condition, you should always have replacement feet available in case the existing ones are damaged or broken. Without proper feet, ladders can become much less safe and the risk or injury can be greatly increased.

Protect the rubber feet

Placed at the bottom of the ladder legs, protective rubber feet provide additional support and grip to prevent the ladder from becoming unstable. This is especially important on uneven or smooth surfaces.


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