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How to properly secure a ladder when in use(1)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-08-16      Origin: Site


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In the field of safety, falls are one of the main causes of fatal injuries. In the field of construction alone, it is the number one killer. Many people in the safety industry do not realize that in the past ten years, 43% of fall fatalities were related to ladders. However, tell employees that you are going to train them how to use ladders, and you will most likely see their suspicions.

Ladder is a very simple device and does not always work correctly. If so, the statistics mentioned before will not be that big.

Most ladder accidents occur when the ladder is used improperly. Ladder angled incorrectly, not fixed, not installed on a firm or level surface, not high enough, damaged, fixed together, used as a closed A frame, etc. are not safe. Ladders are often misused, so that when they can be replaced by lifts or scaffolding, some major construction companies almost prohibit their use.

So how do you stabilize the ladder? One of the biggest misconceptions about ladder instability is that you are protecting yourself from the ladder falling on you. In fact, the biggest danger is lateral movement. In order to properly fix and stabilize your ladder, you need to start from the bottom up.


1. Inspection

First, your ladder needs to be in normal working condition. A quick check should confirm that the ladder is in the condition the manufacturer intends to use. If the ladder has two parts, both parts should be in place. The rungs should be straight and complete. There should be no oil, grease, or any other substances on the ladder that might cause you to slip. Ladder falls don’t just happen when the ladder itself falls—many people fall off the ladder! The safety feet should be in place and in good condition.

2. Base

Where do you set up your ladder? The answer should be "on a solid, flat surface", but this is usually not the case. Ladder is installed in mud pit, covered bed or recently dug area. Other times, the ladders are installed on smooth surfaces such as waxed floors and do not have safety feet in normal working conditions to prevent them from sliding out of the workers. If the ladder cannot be erected on a firm, level surface, it should not be erected at all. This does not mean that you should grab a few cinder blocks and throw them into the mud to build a base, because although this may be sturdy and level, it is not stable.


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