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How to prevent mildew on the folding table

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-17      Origin: Site


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I believe that everyone usually does not notice when using the folding table. If the folding table is used improperly, mold will appear. The following article briefly introduces, how can we prevent mold from happening?

In order to ensure the quality of the folding table, it should be prevented from being moldy. If the weather is wet, it can be dehumidified. However, because the folding table manufacturer has an automatic humidity control function, it is not recommended to dehumidify frequently. Generally, it can be dehumidified in one month. Or you can put some orange peels at home, or put a box of quicklime in an inconspicuous place at home, which can prevent moisture and disinfect.

The room should also be ventilated frequently. In the afternoon when the ventilation is good, the water vapor contact of the folding table should be minimized, which can better prevent mildew. It is necessary to make wax regularly, so that it is beautiful and can avoid water, and will not cause unnecessary losses, and at the same time can save money. Adjust the size of the folding chair to the area and height of the office, so that the folding chair in the office cannot meet the needs after it is built.

outdoor table

Mold prefers a warm and humid environment. In spring, the temperature rises and the humidity increases, which provides a good environment for the mold to multiply. Closing doors and windows on rainy days to isolate warm and humid air from the outside world can reduce the "water" phenomenon on the ground and walls to a certain extent, and keeping the home dry can reduce the growth of mold.

If the floor and furniture in your home are moldy, you can wipe them with alcohol or disinfectant to effectively remove the mold spots that have formed. However, plastic gloves must be worn when cleaning. The cleaning process should minimize the impact of infants and young children on injuries.

The maintenance methods of household items of different materials are different. Compared with expensive leather furniture, fabric furniture is deeply loved by the younger generation, and its fresh rustic style and affordable prices occupy a large part of the market. However, users may find that the fabric furniture is damp for a long time, and discoloration and discoloration may occur, and yellow spots or mold spots may appear on the surface. After being wet, the fabric will become brittle, abrasion resistance will be severely lost, and easily worn.

According to the characteristics of the fabric, dustproof should be paid attention to when using it at home. Dust is easily combined with moisture, making the surface of the house mildew. The cloth sofa should use a special vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the surface. It is best to use a good absorbent sofa towel and wash it frequently. If the ordinary fabric sofa is wet, you can use a hair dryer to dry; if the fabric sofa is more delicate, please use a professional vacuum cleaner to vacuum and dry.


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