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Classification and characteristics of outdoor folding tables and chairs

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-04-04      Origin: Site


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Speaking of folding tables and chairs, I believe everyone is familiar with them, and they often use them in daily life. Its appearance brings a lot of convenience to people's physical and mental relaxation and leisure and entertainment. Compared with ordinary tables and chairs, it has a folding function and is very convenient to carry. Folding tables and chairs on the market now have a variety of shapes, shrinking very freely, and they are more and more popular and loved by people. What kind of magic is it? Let's take a look.

What are the characteristics of folding tables and chairs?

1. Its light texture makes it easy to carry. The production process is not complicated, with many different shapes, and different parts can be freely combined, which greatly exerts its mobility and versatility.

2. The overall appearance is beautiful and the material is strong and firm. It not only has the advantages of ordinary furniture, but also has the characteristics of flame retardant plastic products, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and convenient cleaning. It is waterproof and moisture-proof than wooden furniture, and stronger than glass furniture.

3. The biggest feature is that it does not take up space, it can be opened directly when in use, and can be folded and retracted when not in use, and can be moved to the outdoors at any time. It does not occupy a large area and makes full use of space. It can also be used in various places, as dining tables and chairs, office chairs, writing tables and chairs, etc., especially placed on balconies or courtyards for decoration and use in outdoor recreational areas.

outdoor furniture

What are the classifications of folding tables and chairs?

1. Wooden tables and chairs. There are more wooden tables and chairs, because it is natural and environmentally friendly, has a unique fragrance, and the visual effect of the original wood color is very comfortable. The texture of the wooden tables and chairs is clear and beautiful, and it has a feeling of returning to the original. It is closer to nature when placed outdoors, and you can get better rest and relaxation. However, the cost of wood is more expensive, and ordinary wooden folding tables and chairs are not as flexible as iron art, and are more jerky.

2. Wrought iron tables and chairs. Wrought iron tables and chairs are also very common. The metal material is relatively strong and thick. Its hardness is stronger than other types of tables and chairs, and it is not easy to damage. The only defect is that it is easy to rust or peel off paint, which affects the aesthetics, and the quality is relatively heavy, not suitable for carrying out, and often placed in the courtyard.

3. Plastic tables and chairs. Plastic is the most commonly used table and chair. It is easy to disassemble, light in weight, foldable and easy to move. Its colors are diverse, bright and rich, with beautiful patterns and good viewing effects. The disadvantage is that it is easy to age due to wind and sun, is not heat-resistant and oil-resistant, and has a fragile texture.


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