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7 of the best folding tables for every occasion(3)

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-14      Origin: Site


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Compact Folding Table

Compact Folding Table

Folding tables are a great choice for kids, since they are generally durable, water-resistant, and relatively stain-proof. However, many folding tables are a standard height that may be too tall or inconvenient for little ones. The Lifetime Children’s Square Folding Table is the perfect solution.

At just 21 inches high, this folding table is the perfect size for children’s crafts or a "Kids Only" table at family dinners. The sturdy steel legs fold up when not in use, making the table easy to store away. Parents and grandparents comment on the quality construction of the table and how it accommodates little ones ranging in age from toddlers to elementary-school aged children.

Pick up the Lifetime Children’s Square Folding Table and give the children in your life their very own folding table – sized just right for them. Just be aware that you’ll need to purchase chairs sized appropriately. You’ll love the convenience and quality of this petite-sized folding table.

Best Round: Lifetime Light Commercial Fold-In-Half Round Table

Fold-In-Half Round Table

Round tables can be great for maximizing room space or for facilitating conversation, and the convenience of a folding table makes it even better! The Office Star Resin Multi-Purpose 4’ Round Folding Table is a great choice.

This table has a diameter of 48 inches and is made of the durable, water-resistant molded plastic resin common on most folding tables today. It has steel legs that fold when not in use. Impressively, this rather compact table has a weight capacity of 300 pounds – plenty for just about any task you can imagine this round table taking on!

Note that this round table doesn’t fold in half, as some other circular folding tables do. However, with the legs collapsed, it’s easy to store. The Office Star Resin Multi-Purpose Folding Tables have a lot of fans, and this 4-foot round version is no exception.

What to Look For


The most common shape for a folding table is rectangular, square, or round. The shape of the table may determine what it's best used for. For example, round folding tables are common for hosting dinner parties, since they make it easy to converse with others seated at the table. Rectangular folding tables can also be used to seat people but are also ideal for use as a work surface or to display or serve items. Square folding tables are more compact and can be used to seat people in smaller spaces. This type of folding table is also popular for playing cards or board games.


Consider how big or small a folding table should be to meet your needs. The size of a folding table will determine its seating capacity and surface area. Larger tables naturally have increased capacity but will usually be heavier and take up more storage space.

Folding Top

Folding tables get their name from the mechanism that allows the legs to collapse underneath the tabletop. But in many cases, a folding tabletop is an option as well. This feature makes the table even easier to move and store. Generally, this type of folding table has a hinged middle that allows the top to fold flat. The only downside is the seam that is created in the center of the table, which doesn't allow for a continuous smooth surface along the length of the table.


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